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Recent events have caused us to shift directions with our business. As we will no longer be keeping our Kornit printer, I am offering our Hix dryer for sale. The model of this dryer is the NPII-3616 - it has been specially created to cure DTG or waterbased prints, as the airflow module is pretty beefy. Here is some more information about this dryer, taken directly from Hix:

08/2008 -

Last month, James Ortolani pointed out the advantages and disadvantages of traditional screen printing versus direct to garment (DTG)printing. One of the ways that we are embracing the digital technology of DTG printing is with our NPII-3616.

In the past year, we have sold dozens of NPII-3616 dryers for this specific application. The HIX NPII-3616 has the most efficient drying technology in the industry. The NPII-3616 is built with the combination of infrared and forced air drying that comes with the expertise associated with 45 years of experience.

The forced hot air system uses a 3/4 horsepower blower motor mounted under the drying chamber. An advanced air flow design provides bottom air recovery, recirculating heated oven air throughout the drying chamber. The exhaust system also removes fumes and moisture laden air from the drying chamber.

The NPII-3616 is ideal for drying water-based textile inks, as well as traditional plastisol and solvent-based evaporative inks and is capable of curing DTG inks as well.

The sleek low profile design and side mount control panel features include an analog variable belt speed controller, thermostatically controlled oven temperature, digital heat controller, and a variable air speed controller to adjust air flow volume within the oven chamber. All electrical components use a breaker switch on the control panel for diagnostic troubleshooting and easy maintenance. The side mounted control box gets the dryer controls off of the top of the dryer and keeps components cooler allowing for extended life of the electrical parts.

Designed with a bottom mounted exhaust system and front mounted control box allows the top of the dryer to be removed for easy access to the heater panels and for interior oven cleaning. Triple-wall insulation on top and sidewalls includes 2" thick high temp ceramic insulation for optimum energy efficiency as well as a circulating air insulation chamber. Enjoy savings on your electric bill with a HIX NPII Dryer and higher production drying speeds.

I am located in Upland, California 91786. I have no way to crate and ship this thing, so it would be your responsibility if you want to have it shipped. It is available for immediate pickup. All offers can be made to [email protected]

Thanks for checking it out!
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