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Hix HT-400P or Stahl's Maxx 15

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Hi - I'm trying to decide between the Hix HT-400P or Stahl's Maxx 15. Both machines seem comparable in specs and price, but all of the marketing that Stahl's has on their line of presses (and lack of much marketing at all on the Hix line) makes me lean towards the Stahl's machine.

The Stahl's marketing makes me think that the floating upper platen of the Maxx is superior to the tilting lower platen of the Hix; it also makes me think that the center pressure adjustment of the Maxx is superior to the back pressure adjustment of the Hix; Stahl's also touts a teflon coated heat platen and I can't find any info in this regard for the Hix; the smooth shock opening of the Stahl's also sounds nicer than the spring opening of the Hix.

There are however, 2 features that I notice that the Hix HT-400P offers that the Maxx15 does not that make me pause before going with the Maxx. First, the HT-400P offers the ability to pull a shirt onto the bottom platen but the Maxx does not (Stahl's obviously thinks this is a very good feature also because they focus so much of their marketing on it when it is available on a press -- i.e. the new Fusion); second, the Hix offers a continuous digital pressure gauge that the Maxx does not offer.

If you own or have experience with either of these products, please weigh in with your thoughts and opinions on the above.

Thanks in advance!
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Both are excellent machines manufactured by excellent companies. I would choose the one that seems to have the features that would be suitable for your needs.
That's the thing - if I could combine the features I would buy it (i.e. best of both worlds). Do you have any thoughts on the features listed for the Stahl's and how it ranks vs the Hix? Do you have customers who have purchased one vs the other -- have they provided any feedback?
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