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Does anyone know the differences between the HT-400 and the Ht-400D. I understand that the D means digital, so I am assuming that is the timer and the HT-400 has a manual timer?

Anyone know what year each of the models came out?

Any other differences?

I can't find hardly any information on these. Know someone that has one for sale, trying to determine what model it is. Says it says HT-400 (no letter) on the machine and has a timer. The side picture I have of it looks like it has the extended handle that is shown on the new HT-400P models.

Any help you have would be appreciated. Trying to decide if I should buy it. The current owner knows very little except that a family member used it for a hobby and was not used commercially and thinks it is about 10 years old...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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