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Hirsch Offers MHM Synchroprint Xtreme

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MHM has incorporated the latest in technology and engineering design to build a high-speed, high-volume automatic printing press that will allow print shops to make more money with less frustration and hassle.

Offered by Hirsch Solutions, the Synchroprint S-Type Xtreme is faster than any existing MHM press due to an innovative AC indexing system combined with a high-power AC electric print head.

In addition to faster print speeds, MHM has continued to build on its reputation for offering presses with the fastest set-up times. The pinlock preregistration screen system allows for fast loading of new screens with minimal time spent on adjustments. It also has individual off contact front and rear adjustments, which are critical when printing high density or other specialty inks.

Other new features include separate squeegee and flood blade press regulators. Screen holders are flush with every screen. There are no U-clamps, which means the off-contact adjustment can be controlled from a 0 position.

Operators will find running the Xtreme intuitive and simple with a short learning curve due to its easy-to-see 15-inch touch screen monitor with an inlet mode, outlet mode, sample mode and waterbase/plastisol mode, which help reduce set-up times. It all runs on Linux-based software, well known for its dependability and performance.

The Xtreme also has many of the features offered on all MHM presses that have contributed to the company’s reputation for top-quality performance. These include a skip pallet function, adjustable squeegee/flood stroke adjustment, repeatable squeegee angle adjustment, repeatable flood blade angle adjustment, and easy-to-use microregistration screen adjustment. All of these contribute to the machine’s ability to do super fast setups, maximizing productivity.


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