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The MHM Pro Iron, available from Hirsch Solutions, attaches directly to any print head on any MHM automatic press to flatten garment fibers for enhanced print quality without interrupting printing. Used before the first screen, Pro Iron mats down loose fibers and reduces the possibility of fibrillation to give prints a smooth, freshly pressed, uniform appearance.

The unit also may be used after flashing to flatten underbases and create a smoother surface for overprinting colors. It even can be used in conjunction with the MHM In-Line Foil Unit to apply foil directly on press.

Pro Iron can be set for temperatures up to 200 degrees C/392 degrees F, and speed and pressure are easily adjusted via the print head for optimum print surface prep and special effects versatility.

To learn more, go to https://hsi.la/PROIRON.

For more information, go to Hirsch Solutions. Contact Hirsch Solutions at 800-394-4426 or email: [email protected].


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