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With the introduction of Kornit’s new Avalanche Hexa R, offered by Hirsch Solutions, owners will save on ink that was being wasted as part of the necessary purge-and-cleaning process. The new recirculating ink system keeps the ink in continuous motion at all times, which optimizes reliability and reduces overall ink consumption by up to 20%, according to Kornit.

This industrial digital direct-to-garment printer includes six color channels plus white for a wider gamut and improved spot-color handling. Its double-bridge architecture enables the white and color phases to run parallel increasing efficiency and print speed. Output is to up to 180 garments per hour for light colors and up to 140 pieces per hour on dark colors.

It has a 23.5-inch by 35-inch (60 cm x 90 cm) print area, which makes it optimal for XXL garments, all-over prints on shirts and jeans, and cut pieces. Printable materials include cotton, polyester, cotton-polyester blends, spandex, viscose, linen, leather, denim, silk, wool, and more.

Along with the great speed, the printer comes with an online backup battery unit and an integrated professional humidity system for greater efficiency.

The Hexa uses Kornit’s NeoPigment ink, which is environmentally friendly and child safe. All Kornit machines are more efficient than printers that require additional pretreatment and drying processes before printing, due to its patented wet-on-wet process.

For owners of an older Avalanche Hexa model, which was launched in 2013, their machine can be upgraded to take advantage of the new capabilities in the R series. To view on the website, go to Kornit - Kornit Avalanche Hexa.

For more information, contact Hirsch Solutions at 800-394-4426; email: [email protected]; or visit the website at www.HSI.us.


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