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Hirsch International Offers Four-Head 15-Needle Embroidery Machine

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The Tajima TFMX-IIC 1504/450 multihead embroidery machine is loaded with features that ensure top-quality embroidery at commercial production speed. This versatile machine simultaneously executes each task command in the stitch production process making it one of the smartest and easiest machines to operate. And with Tajima’s redesigned head angle, you can embroider closer to the bill of a cap than ever before.

The 1504 is networkable so it is possible to connect multiple machines via a wired or wireless LAN. The AC servo pulse motor closed system uses electronic feedback to improve the accuracy of sewing even during high speed operation. The thread-locking system prevents thread pull-outs during color change, trimming, frame movement, and when the head is not in use.

Critical to peak production is the quick-change system that allows the operator to switch from caps to cylinder to tubular items in minutes. Tajima's ultra-strong tubular arms prevent distortion of embroidery, even when sewing precise lettering and small designs. For embroidering thicker fabrics, the needle bar stroke has been increased from 45mm to 47mm. Sewing quality also is improved with an easily adjustable tension device that is located close to the needle.

Contact Hirsch International at (800) 394-4426; e-mail: customercare@hic.us; or visit the Web site at www.hic.us.


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