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I have read a number of posts regarding hiring graphic artists. It was suggested to check out local artist at various schools. I recently met with the Art instruction as well as the Teacher that teaches a class where the students learn to start various businesses. This school class has a group that is doing artwork and screen printing shirts for the school groups but also some local business. They are doing the graphic designs and separations. They have several students interested doing some designs. I will also be talking to people at the local Junior College. My question is what are people using to have the artist sign off on and transfer the artwork ownership to me that I am paying for. Does anyone have a form they use that they would share or direct me to a site that I can get such a form? I am not asking for a freebie and willing to pay for it. I just want something, that is simple but binding. I know that someone is going to say that nothing is binding until it goes through a court of law. I understand that. But people are using something until a situation occurs that may require litigations.
Your suggestions and comments are appreciated. THANKS!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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