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Honesty, Integrity and promptness.

Honesty - If something is beyond your abilities or you would really like to grab some cotton or old shirts to try something BEFORE committing to a job then say SO! If you stuff up don't try and hide it! Especially if your boss is a printer then he/she would should know sometimes we make mistakes!

Integrity - as above! And also not cutting corners that will effect the overall quality, Not working from home (or weekends/after hours in the shop) in competition to the business, sounds obvious but unfortunately some think it is OK as the equipment wasn't being used anyway... If it is something that doesn't compete with the owners business then why not speak to them? They may be OK for you to use the equipment after hours/weekends etc in return for the odd "free overtime" to get a job finished. Make sure with everything you do it is how you would do it if it was your name on the door and your mortgage on the line!

Promptness - As has been said being on time or a little early, and with that being ready to start on time, some people like to walk in the door at their strat time then want to grab a coffee.... have a chat, get something to eat, go to the toilet then think about starting... very annoying when you have work sitting there, most bosses appreciate it that you turn up on time ready to start, the other side to that is staff who are like that are more likely to find asking to leave a bit early here and there when it is quiet is met with no problem (although unlike a staff member I had the fun of working with NOT A GOOD IDEA to start the first week doing this!

Attitude - Go in with a good can do attitude, we all have things outside of work to deal with, leave it at the door and make being at work your refuge! Work efficiently and have fun doing it. Everyone loves to come to work when it is that sort of environment.

Language/Mobile Phones - Be respectful and careful of what you say until you get to know the place (usually a week or two you'll get the general vibe of who's who and whats what). Not everyone likes to hear graphic details or foul language or hear the customers spoken about like they are meat! Phones - TURN IT OFF unless the owner has said otherwise, even if you don't answer it the tones etc from messages etc through the day do not give a good impression (even if your not answering them) Let's face it if you have a partner etc then they know where you work, if they need to get hold of you for an emergency then they can call the business, otherwise you have a lunch break you can use your phone in.

Curtious - Be considerate of others in the shop, if you know someone is busy and probably wont get a chance to grab a bite, if your going to the shop why not ask if you can grab them something (sadly this use to be common but now most people can't see past their mobile as soon as lunch time hits!) And I would say respectful of the equipment and people, just because it might not be as flash or good as the last place you worked, no need to rub the owners face in it.

Anyway enough of a rant from me!
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