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maynerd said:
In my recent travels on the web reading up on copyright, I found a lawyer's blog in which he said that quotes, words and phrases were not copyrightable, and he mentioned that with respect to content from a movie. Not sure if this applies to lyrics from songs as well, but it seems like it might be the same thing. I just went back through some of my recently visited sites, but was unable to find it to provide you with a link, but I'll continue to search for it and if I find it, I'll post it.

Be sure to take a few things into account before following the words of a lawyer's blog :)

1) You don't know if this person is really a lawyer

2) This person's blog isn't legal advice

3) Each type of case is different, especially when you are talking about using intellectual property on products for sale (as opposed to quoting them in an essay or website)
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