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High Quality T Shirts Needed

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I am looking a distributor for high quality 50% Polyester, 25% Cotton, 25% Rayon t-shirts that I can buy in Bulk for men and ladies. I would also like them to be completely blank and I will be placing my own label/tag on them. The shirts I'm looking for are of all varieties as well to include long sleeve and short sleeve and V neck. Id also prefer the slim fit for the more athletic body type and have the ability to have different wash looks like vintage. If anyone can get me to a distributor that would be great.
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Im not sure if I put this thread in the right category so if its wrong id appreciate it if someone would direct me to the correct location.
There are literally dozens of brands. You should do some research with these distributors:

Bodek & Rhodes
Broder Bros
Virginia T's
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Im trying to find a shirt without the brand so I can place my own brand/tag.
You'll probably need to have these custom made, or at least you'll need to have the tags cut out and new ones sewn in. The Textile and Wool Acts provide labeling requirements garment manufacturers must follow, and you'll have to include certain information on your custom label as well.

Here's a good place to start: Threading Your Way Through the Labeling Requirements Under the Textile and Wool Acts | BCP Business Center
Most blank shirts today have perforated easily removable tags specifically for the reason you want. Ask the distributors about private labeling and they will let you know which garments (most) are best for that purpose.
Ahh... I was unaware. Thank you for that information. Makes sense.
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