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HIGH QUALITY T-SHIRT FOR SALE (from Pima Apparel and Next Level Apparel)

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I have few thousands of t-shirt available for sales.
Please check it out below.

Price: They all have same price (plus shipping)
1 pcs: 5.99
12 - 72: $2.10
73 - 120: $1.80
120 or more: $1.50

Color available: Black, Ivory, Coffee, Light Pink, Kelly Green, Heather Gray, Turquoise, White
Size available: S - M - L - XL

Color available : Hot Pink, Light Pink, Black
Size available S to XXL (hot pink and light pink)
S to XL (black)

Color Available : Ivory, Brown, Heather Gray, Coffee, Baby Blue and White
Size Available: S to XL

Color Available: Black, Cream, Charcoal White
Size Available: S to XL (Black, Cream, Charcoal)
S - L - XL (White)

If you have more question about them, please email me at [email protected]
or call me at (408)646 - 7306
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Dear Louis

I got a call from you this morning regarding to buying women short sleeve shirt. I call you back at 626 736 5852 but i couldn't reach you because they said the number isn't available. I'm not sure that I get the right number or not. If you get this message, please call me back at 408 646 7306.

Thanks Louis
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