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High-end t-shirt brands that "fit" more loosely?

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Greetings everyone,

I have recently gotten into purchasing more "quality" brands of designer t-shirts, if you would. I LOVE such designs from the likes of: Gio Goi, John Galliano and Scotch & Soda, to name a few.

The problem I am having is that I seem to have trouble finding a brand that will "fit". It seems that all of the really COOL designed t's bought from such places as Japan and Europe are built/sized MUCH smaller (tighter) and do not go up to a size that your average American gentleman would fit into comfortably! I am of average size, 5 ft 10 in, 205 lbs, muscled arms and broad shoulders and prefer to wear my t's "American-style" as in (a touch loose, but decently fitted, with room to move).

I have noticed of the following brands that:

Gio Goi- only goes up to XL, which is too small for me.

John Galliano- Does go into XXL, but utilizes what I would call the "Euro- look, with the very-tight/spandex feel".

Scotch & Soda- Goes into XL, with some of their XLs fitting almost perfectly and some being a tad too tight.

Does ANYONE know of some uniquely styled & quality brands in similar in scope to the aforementioned, that might have a better "size-mix" or be able to accomodate my need for a slightly larger t-shirt? Websites?

Thanks so much!
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