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Hello everyone,

A friend of mine requested that I print a 1.5mm in height raised texture onto a nylon spandex material. Luckily this job is for an evenr in January, but I wanted to get it out of my way as fast as I can. He seems adamant that I print onto Nylon as he doesn't like polyester. Whenever I tried printing onto nylon, the ink doesn't look like it'll cure and feels gel-like to the touch no matter how many times I run it through the dryer.

I've never worked with nylon spandex and have heard that ink doesn't really bond well onto nylon.

I already have my 400 micron capillary film set up on a 150 mesh count screen.

The ink is supposed to stretch alongside the design.

I have Wilflex:
1) Velvet Black
2) Stretch Base
3) HD Clear

Is there anything else I need to print directly onto a nylon spandex substrate or any techniques I should be aware of?

Thank you,
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