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In desperat need... It's 2012 and I can't find a soft feel no peal no crack,heat transfer paper for

  • 3G jet plus

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  • Avery iron on

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  • Or any suggestions

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  • Only 2012 please

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now my question is, its 2012 has any one came out with a feel good/soft dark inkjet heat transfer yetim in desperate need, i bought 3g jet opaque and the must have parchment paper. print, pressed, colors.came out good but felt like paper on da shirt, washed it 3days later. put it in the dryer after.(results) hade a small hole in the transfer and the transfer was crumpled up like paper and couldent ware it because it would stick out like crumpled paper, and feel like crumpled paper, did i mentioned that again im sorrybut my question is wat is the softest durable dark inkjet transfers for 2012? BUT! As for the 3G jet I ironed it inside out..and it went back to normal, just like the day I pressed it...but! the customer wldnt know that so I'm tryna avoid that kind of conflict:)
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