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Hi, was thinking of starting a website selling TShirts where the customer asks for a design and I design it (or they give me a design) and I send it to a supplier and get the supplier to ship it to them; and I've come accross you :) (Don't have anything to make the shirts myself)

Just been looking through some stuff and, well its just like what I do for work! I never realised it lol. I work for my friends dad designing and laying up signs. So yeah its exactly the same really but on tshirts not banners vans and signs lol.

But I need to do some research on the website and selling/suppliers side of it. I know how to design it etc but I need to know a lot more about setting up a website and how it would all work 'behind the scees' kind of thing.

Well, hpefully I can find all I need here :)
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