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I'm trying my first post on this forum. I'm educating myself on all possible aspects of the sports-apparel market and researching the industry. I'll go through the different threads to try and find the info. I am looking for, but if anyone reads this and wants to point me in the right direction or even exchange some ideas, that help would be appreciated.

Among others, I am looking for:

-Information on fabrics or finished product for sports, mainly for use in the water (rash guards, water shirts, UPF shirts) but also performance materials ("dry-fit", wicking, breathable fabrics): what are the best materials, characteristics of each, etc.

- Information on suppliers or dropshippers that can deliver printed shirts on these kinds of materials.

-Information on the best trade shows to attend for these specific products.

Looking forward to contributing as best I can to the forum and a productive exchange of ideas.

Dirk L.
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