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Hi y'all

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Hello everybody how is life!?

Imma tell a bit of my story so you understand why I ended up here.
Im Nicolas from Argentina, currently living in Australia and starting a little bit of an art bussines with my partner and we tought why not screen printing our art!? She is an amazing paintor and myself a photographer so we kind of have enought content to express in printing ways.

My working past is with pre-press companies so i have a very broad understanding of color management, dpi lpi exposure emulsion photo emulsion laser emulsion im a CTF and CTP technitian as well as Anapurna IT all my training was by AGFA international and still have contact with my collegues.

But the thing is... im over that life of earning a lot of money but giving up freedom so i intend to start something small that has to do with what i love and i really really hope to find more people like minded in this forum.

Well see you arround, right now im goint to make a new trhead about my fisrt exposure >D

Love, Nico.
Sign, Pep.
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