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Hi, I'm new to the vinyl shirt business. Like I've made 1 real shirt now and a few iron on logos for my husbands polos new. I've probably got 5 hours of work under my belt, but I've played with my cricut now for years. I won't date myself with the model, that would confirm I'm a cheapskate.

I'm a special education teacher by day, ninja t-shirt maker by night. Really, this has been a way to raise money for my Special Olympics team this year to help us get to state games and MAYBE be able to pay back my student loans before I die.....So Hi ya'll! (Yes, I'm an Okie and I'm sarcastic. Sorry ya'll, as a "well paid" teacher from OK--50th lowest salary in the nation--humor and sarcasm helps to make the wounds hurt less....)

I'm excited to learn some great tips, tricks, and ideas.
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