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My name is Roy and about a year ago I started a small business of selling t-shirts to a niche market via website. I have attended a couple of consumer conventions and met with success at both of them too. However, I’m really here because I want to learn better ways of saving money, better ways of designing, and to look for specific assistance in getting my shirts into stores. I’m just posting here to say hi to everyone: hi to everyone. :)

For those interested, my website is PiratesVersusNinjas.net but right now it looks more like an information site than a storefront. Also, I sell things other than shirts there, but the shirts are all my designs and with time the site will focus much more on shirts than it does now. I have only three designs for sale at the moment and at least a dozen designs on the drawing board. I'm waiting for more liquid cash to get them printed. By November I should have about a dozen shirts for sale with lots more coming in early 2007.
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