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Hi to all

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Hi everyone

Through l would say hi to everyone and introduce what l do. While l am not specifically in the business of T shirt manufacturing l am a photographer / supplier of rich youth culture images.

Interested parties might like to check out www.streetphoto.co.uk. Streetphoto its a site focusing on youth culture Street Art images direct form the street/off the wall as it were, available for download.

Currently there is a large selection of raw PHOTO images (almost direct from the camera) to enable designers to blend, mix, combine with vectors, cut and crop themselves and also CUSTOM cutout images with some photoshop cs4 filters applied. Images for download are 90% 300 dpi, with sizes ranging from slightly larger then A4 (longest side) for t shirt and clothing designers to 72 dpi version for web use.

You can also download watermarked comp versions for FREE to experiment with until your happy with a range of designs.

All the best to everyone.:p
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welcome to t-shirtforums
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