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Hi to all the members here

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Well guys thinks for having a site like this to gain alot of info i been surfing the fourms and reading alot i am in the starting stages of doing a epson r1400 dtg build.. little back ground on my self is i have done vinyl plotter own 2 rolands and a hp wide format plotter printer. I also done laser evgraving on a diy build of a 60w co2 laser on a 48 x48 bed. I built 1 diy cnc on a bed of 60 x 60 Built 3 3d printers my bigest is a print area of 48 x48x36 and done sub lamiting so i wanted to expand into the dtg . I have bought the plans from ailenbunker and have reviwed the about 6 times in last week and will review them a few more times while waiting on all parts to come in. .. so sorry for a fast qustion i seen you all been using 3/4 mdf i want to make this as light as possible . And have many sheets of 1/8 Acrylic .from plans i have it is 1 cm thick. Thinking it is do able with the sheets i have for the size it will be.. just need to comfrim if possible .. extra supports will be added in dead space. To weed out weak points .. think this way it will be more moble. For my plans on this unit. I welcome any pms and all answers.
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