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I'm Fred from FL and it's been a few years since I participated in the forum so I guess I'm sorta new, again.

Been printing sublimation transfers since 1987 and pigmented heat transfers since 2000 and the technology has changed so I hope I am able to share what little I know with you.

I use a Ricoh SG3100 for sub transfers, Epson WF-7110 for pigmented ink heat transfers, have 15x15" flat heat press from National Screen Printing (bought it in 1992 and still works), mug press and a Roland GX-24.

I like to print and cut vinyl but what I get the most enjoyment out of is teaching others how to print and cut vinyl.

I'll try not to be a stranger here and hopefully will be able to contribute and help as best as I can.

Thank you,

Melbourne FL
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