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Hi there !

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Hi, my name is Lucy and i work for spot98.net. We make iron on transfers, i'm here to learn and may be contribute some. :eek:

...thanks T-Forums crew for the tips on how to register etc. duhhh!
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Re: Hi there ! Again !

...forgot, here is the link to my day job: http://www.spot98.net/custom/custom-iron-on-transfers.html

We also help new artists, t-shirt designers get their stuff out of the closet and into the imprint market. :) ...for real !
Welcome to the forum!!!!
gee David, thanks for the warm welcome, i'll be sure to put you down on my x-mas list. :D
Hi Lucy and welcome to the forums!

Have fun!
Re: That's It for Me.... for Now anyway!

ok, gotta get back to work, it's been fun posting and reading the T-Shirt Forums but I do need to get back to work. I will drop by again.

all the best to you all.....see-yah. :D


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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