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Hi there, I am a newbie

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I did some shirts for a friend and now the color is coming off. I have a YuDu that I use, but use emulsion to coat screens. Screens are printing fine, BUT, after or 2 washes, color is either coming off entirely or fading quite a bit. I set the ink with my iron. Ink was dry. I am a great artist and want to produce a line with my own artwork, but need to solve this problem. Need to make some money to further my art. I need help bad.
Thanks in advance:rolleyes:
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Two things come to mind right off, first what type of ink, the second is more of a statement, ink is dyed by temp and the duration of that temp, while the ink might feel dry on top it has to be heated all the way through to fully cure, the problem your describing sounds like a problem in the curing process.

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the ink is WB and I was using an iron to set it. Is it possible that it is not getting hot enough? I have keep my designs simple to begin with, so I am using just 1 color, dark on a light shirt. But now I have this other problem, that I gotta fix. so any more ideas on how to cure properly, that is economical, but also can get the job done, time constrants are not an issue at this time. Quality is.
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