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Hi there! Having a few teething problems!

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Hi everyone! Im so glad I came across this site! I am just starting in the t-shirt business!

I am having a problem with getting my image from photoshop onto transfer paper directly. I am using a Mac OS X Tiger, with Photoshop CS1, and whenever I try and print an image I have done in Photoshop, the colours are distorted when it is printed onto transfer paper?

When it should be black and white, it comes out black and light purple, and any colours just print out pink/purple.

Before I print them off, a message comes up sayingsomething about the RGB embedded colour? Is this something to do with the colour settings, I have the file saved as a jpeg and as a psd, but it makes no difference?

Anyone experienced similar problems, and know what to do?

Thanks very much!
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Have you pressed one of these onto a shirt yet? The colors come out dull on the paper but when pressed onto the shirt they are rich and vibrant. Maybe that is the problem?? Or you may need to adjust the color setting in photoshop or your printer. I think in photoshop on color settings there is an option you can check for "same as source". Doing that will make the printer print colors that are the same as what the source color is from photoshop.
Thanks for the lightning response! Yeah I have it rpinted onto a t-shirt, it still looks really good, but obviously in future you want whats on the screen to be whats on the t-shirt. I will check out that option you mentioned, the "same as source", it is most probably a photoshop problem, I mean the image is perfect, all the effects, and sizing and detail is great, just the colour is completely different.

It could be something to with the embedded RGB profile (whatever that is!) but Im sure there's just a button I need to press or a box to tick, I just cant find it! But thanks very much for the response, I will try out what you suggested!
Open your design, click on file, go down to print, and when the box comes up for your printer options, it should be listed there.
x2richx said:
It could be something to with the embedded RGB profile (whatever that is!)
It could well be since RGB is for computer graphics, and CMYK for print.

Try changing the image to CMYK (in Photoshop it's Image -> Mode -> CMYK Color) and seeing if that makes a difference.
Ah great, I will give that a try! Thanks very much!
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