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Hi! New to the game!

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Hi everyone, I'm so glad I found a sight to guide me in this tough industry. Since I was young I wanted to get involved in fashion but because of the war and such my plans on going in to the design world took a back seat and I was commissioned as an officer in the military. After the Air Force I worked as a mortgage adviser but the industry collapsed and I found myself out of work. Then I thought about going after my dream and finally I'm putting in the works to achieve that goal. That's why I created 'Spade and Diamond' a design company for the poker and casino gaming community. Spade and Diamond will aspire to be what 'Tapout' brand is to mix martial arts, except I focused on poker. However I realized that having just great design isn't enough so I created an unique marketing tool to get the story of 'Spade and Diamond' out to the community. To see what I'm talking about check out my site: spadeanddiamond.com - Home. The website needs more work and I don't have any merchandise but you can get a preview of the shirts to come in the 'Help me' section.

One question I have is how do I upload an avatar for my profile. I can't seem to find an option in the Control Panel to upload my own. Thanks and great to be here.
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Cool Idea! Welcome, there are setting in the avatar area but it has to be really small.
Thanks for your input! For some reason some of these options to change the setting didn't come up but I re-logged on and it was there. Weird.
Hah, yes Magic, I finally figured it out. That's the logo for my gear. It's hard to see but it says S&D for Spade and Diamond. Can you spot it? :p You can get a better view at the homepage. Anywho, I'm still waiting for my trademark registration to go through on this, wow the government works sooo slow. I registered it months ago then they said I had to fix some things and it's taking another month to clear it up.
Welcome aboard!!
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