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First let me introduce myself. I noticed the introductions board is slow, so I figured I would do it here :)

My name is Chelsea and I have been running a home business making t-shirts for roughly 8 or 9 years now. I originally purchased my MH721 on eBay at a steal of a price. I have made my money back plus some with this machine, but I started having issues with it a few years ago. After speaking with a Rep at US Cutter last year, they believed the mother board to be going. Last week it started making a weird buzzing sound and today it has started grinding and clicking. It is time for an upgrade! :)

While I have been extremely happy with this cutter, I am looking for recommendations on my new upgrade. I would like to say cost isn't an issue, but I would rather not spend several thousand dollars on a machine, if I do not have to. I would like to stay below $1000.

I would love to hear what you currently use, whether you would recommend it and any pros or cons you have found with the machine.

Thank you so much if you have made it to this point and read everything that I had to say :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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