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Hi ya'll! I hear there are lots of Texans on this site! I lived in San Antonio before moving up to Chicago and my friend who wants to start a t-shirt company up here with me went to Texas A&M. Whoop!

Anyway, we'd appreciate any help we could get from you guys.

In short, we want to start an online t-shirt company similar to spamshirt - get it off your chest - but it's not competitive because we will not be printing spam phrases on our shirts. We have a completely different subject matter.

We do want to do everything else similar to them though...
-Let consumers pick their shirt color and font color
-Let consumers pick a phrase for their shirt or type their own
-Have our own web address (i.e. not cafepress.com/tshirtcompany)

One thing we do want to do differently is use only 50/50 poly cotton fitted/vintage cut similar to American Apparel's offering (but it doesn't have to be American Apparel brand).

Our goal in starting this company is to:
a) have fun
b) have the satisfaction of owning our own company
c) generate some extra income to help afford mini-retirements/international travel between our regular full time jobs

We want this business to be designed so that it is turn-key and as hands-free as possible. We want the fewest customer service inquiries as possible, etc., so if that means foregoing some profit in the way the business is set up, that's okay.

We are in agreement on all of the above, but we don't know where to go from here?!

How do we find a company to build a website that fancy?
Can we bid out the project by simply asking designers/agencies to bid on creating a site exactly like spamshirt.com?
Are there t-shirt printers out there that also do fulfillment that provide the types of shirts we want to make?
Or do we have to go through 2 different companies to do that?
How do we find these companies?
How do you select the best vendors?
What are the things most people forget when starting up this type of biz?
Should customers pay only through PayPal to reduce customer inquiries or allow payment through Visa/MC/etc?

So many questions! Any advice out there?

Thanks in advance for your help. :)

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Welcome to the forums, there's a bunch of information here. You need to find a good fulfillment center for your designs, just look down the resource links on the left side of the page is always a good place to start.
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