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Hi! I'm NEW to the forum (beginner printer)

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I'm completely new to the world of screen printing and would just love to pick someones brains about how I can get started and what type of equipment I need to get my hands on etc.

I live in Bristol, UK and I'm a Graphic Designer by trade but unfortunately I was made redundent recently and I have been thinking about trying something new out but still being able to use my design skills in some way.

I would love to start off small e.g. hobby/selling to friends and then maybe have a website and then start selling to a wider audience etc.

I have looked on the web on how to get started but still don't really know the right route to take, what equipment to buy?, where to buy it from?, where to buy t-shirts from?, best way to get your design onto the silk screen? etc. etc.

So basically I was hoping that someone could help me on the startup from equipment through to technical process.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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