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Hi! I'm new to printers (L120 & L360)

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I'm new to printers but I want to start my clothing line soon, I bought the L120 printer but I haven't installed the original ink which included when I bought the printer.

I want to install the sublimation ink instead of the L120, is alright to install the sublimation ink to the cartidges? or I need a shop to let my brand new printer convert it so I can use it for sublimation printing?


I also have an existing L360 printer but I installed it with original ink. I want to use the L360 for pigment printing, is it alright to install it right away the pigment ink or there is a process for that as step by step?
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Let's say you install the sub ink and then print something. Oh no! The printer doesn't work. Okay, let's just get it fixed. Wait, what do you mean no warranty? Oh no again! Turns out that using the "incorrect" ink voids the warranty.

So you should probably use the correct inks to make sure the printer works just in case you have to exchange it. If it works, just switch out the cartridges to the ones you want.
Yup I was actually aware that the warranty's gonna void. So I think my next step to do is find out how to convert printers like L120 & L360, right?
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