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**Sorry if this accidentally was posted three times****
Hi Everyone! I am new to all of this. I am a designer who has moved into a very unique type of clothing patch made of hemp yarn thread. Allowing for a large flat threaded hemp surface the size of the front of a tshirt VS tshirt itself. I am in need of a printer in the near future but for now I am having someone using a Brother GT541 do it for me but from reading some of the posts I can see he was only curing it at 300 Vs higher like 350. This explains why almost all of the color faded in one wash. It lasted a little better when sprayed with colorstay, which helped but cold is the only temp that caused no fading.

Does anyone have any suggestions for printing on hemp and a solid curing process to help not fade?

Also i will be in need of a new printer with high printing capabilities such as double printing and or at least a bed that can fit a 16-18" x 24 panel of hemp fabric.

Any suggestions or direction of what posts might help would be awesome.
Thanks!! :)
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