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Hi Im jonny

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hi im jonny and i run a football team called redcar cf in redcar uk.

i stumbled across this forum when looking for information about t shirt printing as we spedn a fortune on it printing sponsors badges on garments.

reason for me being on here i would like to be a bale to do this printing ourselves and hopefully after the cost of buying the products and gear to do the printing we save some money.

soooo... where do i start lol is there any good starter kits to buy what equipment do i need to buy this to.

main things im looking to print are club badges, shirts numbers, sponsor info, player initials that sort of thing.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance.
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Hi Johnny. Look into using Plastisol Transfers.

You need to order them in bulk but can gang as many designs as you like as long as they fit the transfer sheet.

You can also print sheets of letters and numbers in different fonts and sizes to number your shirts or add initials.

The only equipment you'd need to invest in would be a flat heat press, either a swing-away or a clam press would do.
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