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Hi -I'm a UK Business Finance Advisor who has helped the textile sector

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My name is Phillip Evans, I have worked with a good number of Companies in the Textile sector I hope to be of use in the forums and help some of you guys reach a wider audience.

Phillip Evans
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First of all :welcome:

Secondly I hope that you don't charge us for every post you make :p

And thirdly can you post a few examples of how you've helped people in our industry? I think people could use your help specially if they knew what exactly it is that you do.
LOL - no charge for my posts

yes cool I'll get a couple of case studies up here
Welcome Phill,

There is always room on here for those with professional quals in accounting and law willing to offer some advice.

I am currently doing an accounting degree (looking to specialise in financial planning), to pay for course fees I have an embroidery business. :p

P.S. Enjoy the cricket wins while you can, because England will get their butts kicked when the Ashes are played in a few months. ;)
Dream on ... we'll win the Ashes.

Good luck with the degree and I think a good move to go into planning
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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