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Hi - honestly seeking feedback.

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Well, I've read the forum rules, which state;

You can post a link to your site within a post in 2 areas of the forum. Once in the Member Introductions forum as you introduce yourself to the community and once in the site review forum as you solicit honest feedback about your site or designs.

So, I hope this is OK. If it's not, I completely understand if it's summarily deleted.

I'm an actual person (not some shill) who wrote some brand new software aimed squarely at embroidery businesses who'd like to be able to use their Macs for something related to that business. I have some friends who do this stuff, and I was kind of amazed at how underrepresented the Mac is in this market.

Here it is;

Mac App Store - PowerPunch

At this point, it's simply an organization/presentation tool, but with some user-directed feedback it might take a different direction. Who knows?

Anyway, I can daydream all I like about how useful it might be, but that's not quite the same as actual feedback. I put a demo video on YouTube if anyone would like to see it in action. Also, if anyone out there would like to actually try it out and provide commentary, I can and will give out promo codes for a free copy. If that doesn't demonstrate that I'm not here to spam this forum, I'm not sure what will.
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Hi Daniel!
I would love to be able to try this out. We use both Macs and PC's but primarily Macs for design work. Would love to be able to show a customer what their design will look like without having to sew it out first.
Excellent!! I'll nab a few promo codes from the Mac App store and send you one via PM. Give me a few moments.
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OK - sent via PM. If anyone else would like a promo, just ask.
I can't download it through the mac app store, as my operating system is too old. Working with a PowerPC.. (stupid!) Need a 10.6.6 or later.. using a 10.5.8 and can't upgrade. Sigh! :(
Oh no! I'm so sorry! Well - I get a limited number of promo codes from Apple, so if you know of anyone else who might like it, pass the code along. It'd be a shame to waste it.

Thanks for your interest though.
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