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Hi everyones !
My name is Ariock and I am a painter / concept artist/ designer/creator lol etc....
if I resume I just like to create on any mediums since I am a kid....
and now its my real job ;)

and I am developping a series of products dedicated to the Dark side and mysteries...
My unholy collection of abominations....
I am specialized in Occult Erotic Horror and UNholy creatures.

I love clothes, Dark goth punk fashion, and I like to wear the messages that suit me... and because I do not find what I want in the stores I have decided to make my owns... again lol

I am glad to have found this website and all the advice, man... Thanks to your discussions I have discovered a lot about the process, belt printing, all over, designers and more... its a great place to learn.
To the pleasure of talking to you soon and present you my collections

Take care my friends


Ariock Fearotica
Abominations Portraitist
Official Website
1 - 2 of 2 Posts