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Hi Everyone! My name is Dawn, I am a married, stay home mom to two special need teen boys, one on autism spectrum, have two rescue Weimeraner dogs, two adopted cats, and I live in Florida by the ocean. I am a graphic designer by trade and worked in sign, engraving and screen printing industry, and then went back to college in my early 30s, finished my degree and launched a career in the design and publishing field (before kids), and now (after kids) I do occasional freelance work, and also have a small home business reinventing and re-purposing old, cast off furniture, and breathing new life into each piece, all with a coastal flair. I enjoy arts and crafts of all kinds, from sketching and painting, to sewing, photography, working with clay, making signs and and most recently have begun creating garments and other items using my Cricut, printer, Photoshop and a hand iron. I just ordered a new heat press, and want to try and make a go of a small home-based tshirt/accessory/decal printing business to supplement our income so I can continue to work from home with my boys. I figured what better support system than a t-shirt design community. I am excited to join in and begin reading all these many posts and get to know y'all!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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