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Hi folks! I have to say that this has been one of the best "stumble ons" that I have come across. My daughter-in-law and myself have decided to team up and learn our way into a thriving business together. I know...easier said than done. Well, for a little understanding, I have run my own business, but it was working me to death in a manner that I could no longer do by myself (some health issues came up along with family really needing me). I took a break to evaluate what direction I wanted to go and help with family...as I have handled many t-shirts over the years, been very crafty (my last business was candle/soap making along with adding crocheted items and whatever artistic thing caught my fancy to add) and know how to start small and build...well, seeing the Yudu (please don't laugh...I didn't buy it!) set my creative juices flowing (not to mention these economic times take all you can give to make ends meet). I had already made the consideration to get back into handling T's again, but wanted a more hands on approach...so the research was on and the business person in me started biting at the bit. Transfers seem like an option to easily start on a simple level with minimal loss to begin with, but screen printing appeals greatly to the artistic side of my personality.

So, after researching, finding suppliers, pricing equipment, learning as much as I could about transfers and recalling the days long ago when I worked in a transfer shop in Van Nuys, CA...I saw the Yudu commercial. One day I was sitting here and it came on...which led to me talking to my daughter-in-law about working with me. And so, the research into screen printing has started. I have been so absorbed these days with this site...so very much great information! I wouldn't know what question to ask, because so far...the answers are already here, from licensing, to printing, to inks, to drying, to laws...you guys are tops in my book...or should I say "ROCK".

Basic idea of business plan is to start with transfers...then, incorporate screening into the business within the next year...something easy to make money with to something that will take practice and learning to perfect, but will be a great artistic outlet! With the great info here...should help make things go a little easier...and only help me see more clearly where past business experience will benefit the present goal...hopefully to help my daughter-in-law (and possibly son) have a thriving business to help take care of the grand kids when I am gone.

So much more research I need to do...Thanks again guys for having such a great place for great information! When I find a question I can't seem to find the answer to, I'll let you know...for now...it's off to T info Heaven! I feel like I won the lottery!
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