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Hi... First time here...

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Hello, this is my first time here, I would like to share designs ideas and fashion trends, I started my own t shirt site with cafepress... probably you already know about this site.

I would like to get your recommendations... please feel free to browse my store... and if you would like to speak about my designs... go ahead... I would appreciate your comments...


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Welcome to the forum. Nice concept...at first it seems limiting but actually its very unlimited. You can always add new designs and kill old ones. You havent even touched the flower, bird, animal, song etc.
Welcome to the T-Shirt Forums!
hey, cool.
another example how cafe press can work for you. :)

BTW, i bet if you could get some of your shirts into tourist type retail stores they would sell. It's a huge market you know. I like them. :D
Thanks for your comments... Very good ideas... do you guys own a shop?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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