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Hi Everyone

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Hey guys,

My name is Alex and I got into designing about a year ago when I started a tshirt company called Orijinal Clothing. Check out my site OrijinalClothing.com. Im on this forum because I am still in the learning process of what it takes to make it in this graphic tee game. Any feedback on my site or designs is appreciated.

Thanks guys,
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Alex, welcome to the forum. Your shirts are rather pricey. I'm a little OCD when it comes to spelling. I can see the reasoning behind Orijinal though it drives me nuts, but I can't see a purpose for cotton being misspelled.
Hi thanks for the feedback. The shirts are priced that way because that is what retail stores are pricing them at their shops. A second reason is the retail price is ultimately determining what I can wholesale the shirts for.

We spell Original with a J because we like to stand out....
Cotton was purposely mispelled to reference Oxy Cotin, what is being considered the new dope, new crack. Its saying our shirts are 100 percent dope. Cotin is also known as OCs which are Orijinal Clothing's initials.

Im glad you pointed that out. Some people dont even notice the misspelling.

What price would you consider reasonable from your experience?
Well, first of all, Oxycontin is not spelled correctly then. It is a prescription drug that can have deadly consequences if not taken as prescribed. Drugs aren't candy, they kill.

Next about prices. Whatever someone is willing to pay is what determines the price. For simple designs like yours they sell for about $15 in this area. The more complicated the design the higher the price. Your 2 color designs are more costly to make, therefore should have a higher price attached to them.

So I guess you are lucky to live in an area where people (kids) are willing to pay big bucks for tee shirts.
Its streetwear. References to drugs are often made. Its just reality. But that is another debate.

I never thought about putting different prices for shirts that cost more to produce. Thats something I will consider. Thanks

I think starting a higher price gives me flexibility to run promotional sales from time to time. My target market is younger kids. Is the price that you mentioned before or after taxes and shipping? What is appropiate to charge for shipping and handling?
It isn't a matter of what's appropriate, it's a matter of how much does it cost you to print it, package it, and ship it. That's your production cost. Everything else is profit. If you can ship it for $5 then that's what you charge. If your shipping is $15 then that's what you charge, but don't expect customers to come flocking to your site. Your price has to include all of your costs broken down per shirt and what you want to earn per shirt. It is different for everyone. It all depends on your overhead costs.

The $15 was retail in a store. No shipping involved but taxes are added on to it. Most of the over priced shirts don't sell until they go on sale at a big discount. I don't have a brand that I sell, I just do custom printing.

Its streetwear. References to drugs are often made. Its just reality. But that is another debate.
It's only reality when adults who should know better encourage children to get involved in drugs because it's cool and because it sells. There was a time in this country when businesses exercised personal responsibility. But that's a whole other issue.
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