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Hi to Everyone, I am right now in the printing business. We print signs, safety labels, vinyl, sublimation and paper products. We also mend and do some embroidery work. Safety clothing and work clothing. Now, we would like to try DTG printing to the mix. We are running a Gerber Solara uv2 printer for our sign work. I have been doing the research, mostly on here. You are a wealth of info and a wonderful group by the way. But I am still on the fence about the machines. I would love to also get a Sequin Machine, sooo cool. The fun part is when I bring up to my customers about what this new dtg machine can do, they all want the cookies with their logo on them. The t-shirt part is ok but their eyes light up about the cookies, golf balls and the side stuff. So with all that said, I would love any advise on which machine I should start with and anything else. Thanks for all the great info I have already found HERE1
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