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Hey everyone,

Just introducing myself to the community. My name's Carlos, i've been in the design/print industry since 2001 and recently decided to venture on my own.

Garments will be a new medium for me, but I'm going straight digital due to my extensive experience with programs such as illustrator/photoshop. I have spent the past month setting up the shop and we're good to go.

The website is: HANDPRINTstore.com | Make Your Mark

This is of course, not the finished website yet. I'm doing all the work myself and it's getting there. i wanted to integrate an ecommerce website with Wordpress so i can maintain a blog at the same time. For right now the back-end is just about finished. I have a couple of sample shirts up, but many many more will follow. Those are just dummy templates so i could test the pages/shopping cart... So please bookmark the page if you'd like and remember to visit again :)

in the meantime, we're taking custom orders, so feel free to contact me for ideas, quotes or submit your design. Also, if any artists are interested in featuring their tshirt designs in my shop, contact me asap so we can workout the details

Thank you all... i'm glad to have joined this website/community... I have frequented these forums a lot in the past few weeks and it's never let me down. A wealth of information that i now hope i can contribute to.

See you all around...
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