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Hi Everyone , We are new to the Forums

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Hello everyone, We are really excited to have found these forums and hope to learn and exchange information as much as we can.

We are a Mother and Son team hailing from CT , who recently started an online t-shirt shop called ourshirtsrock.com selling our custom designs. My mother and I handle all the designs and graphics and love to create. We are very new at the whole website thing, affiliate marketing and SEO, but are doing the best we can to drive traffic to our site.I personally handle all the website creation and online presence. We like to make money , but really go into this business because we just wanted a really cool creative outlet. We are hoping to get our site big enough to just give us some extra cash on a monthly basis for now.

We specialize in designing Recovery based t-shirts for people who are in any form of 12 step recovery , and was really one of the spring boards that helped us decide to do this biz. We also design t-shirts for every lifestyle including, Urban, Funny,adult,rude and offensive and some really great spirituality based t-shirts with creative designs

If you get a chance please visit our site and have a look around.

looking foward to interacting and learning here.



MySpace.com - www.OurShirtsRock.com - 37 - Male - WATERBURY, Connecticut - www.myspace.com/ourshirtsrock
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Nice site welcome to the forums
Welcome to the forum
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