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Hi Everyone,

My name is Brennan and my t-shirt company name is Faultee Minds. It has been a long time coming but I have finally taken the steps needed to make my line of t-shirts a reality. I've been reading the posts here on T-Shirt Forums voraciously, trying to figure out the best way to get our shirts made. For now, I've uploaded them all to Zazzle, and created what I feel is a really cool shopping experience with the tools they provide. I thought it'd be good to get my designs out there and hopefully make some money to help grow my business. However, I really want to have ultimate control over the printing of our shirts, and so I've come here, to drink from the vast pool of knowledge that is T-Shirt Forums.

Our shirts are funny and irreverent. I know there's plenty of those shirts already, but I think what sets ours apart is the quality of the artwork and the way in which we present our ideas. Our motto is "Absurd apparel for the unafraid". I think once you see a few of our designs you'l l see just why this is appropriate.

I have more questions, which I'll be posting on here after this introductory post. I welcome any tips for T-shirt noobs from seasoned pros, and of course I'd love if you visited my store.


Brennan Frugé

Faultee Minds - Absurd apparel for the unafraid
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