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Hi every one,
I have just got registered on this forum and must say the wealth of information available from this forum is awesome.
We are looking at getting into DTG printing of t-shirts (both white and dark shirts) but not so sure of the choice to make because being based in Lagos Nigeria, we are certainly challenged by the fact that we would not be getting physical tech service. So far, we have done very well with our Roland Print and cut machines VS540 and BN 20 (about 2 years now) as well as the new LEF 20 flatbed printer. But with all the information I have seen about maintenance challenges on DTGs, not very sure which of the DTG machines to buy that will require the least maintenance and technical issues. We normally buy our machines from the UK or the US, and for the DTG we are looking at buying from the US. So telephone and email support will be very key for us as well.
Many thanks all and sorry if all I have said were not supposed to be in this section of the forum.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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