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Hi all!

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Hi everybody, I've been lurking these forums for years as an employee of a small screen printing shop. After working here for 7 years I was given the option to purchase the business along with another employee and we are now trying to modernize a 30 year old print shop!

Right now we have a 6 station 6 color antec legend press, a M&R hyper flash spot dryer and an old HARCO belt dryer. Our stuff is old but we keep pumping out shirts everyday. We also run four emb heads and a heat press and we do a little sign work and vehicle lettering.

Anyway its exciting to join a community of screen printers on here as I don't really know anyone outside of my small business that knows anything about screen printing.


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Welcome Matt - love your entrepreneurial spirit - let us know if you need help !
Here's to your success!
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