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Hey everyone,

This looks like a great site!

Does anyone know where to get those great fitted T-shirts like you see in the major Department stores? They are very very soft and are fitted and "drape" nicely. I want to buy some in bulk for screen printing, rather than from the screen printing shop, where the selection is limited and maybe a higher price (plus they said I could bring my own shirts). It seems like designers such as Roberto Cavalli, and John Varvatos use similar blends. They charge upwards of 90 dollars for these, and they are really really soft. I saw the bamboo sites, but it is hard to tell how they fit? Thanks for any info. (I did see some pretty close blends in American apparel, but they weren't as soft, as what I found in the designer sections of the big Dept. Stores. I'm just doing some local printing in CA. but want a really nice shirt.

Thanks for any comments and help.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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