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Hi all, newbie to Forum!!

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Hi everyone, just thought i would say hi and introduce myself.
My Name is Tony and i run a fairly big screenprinting & Digital print business in Australia, NSW.
I currently use a ADCO Semi Automatic Flatbed screenprinter for Coreflute signs, Stickers etc,
We have 3 manual garment carousels, also a DTG Viper garment printer.
A roland VP540 Solvent printer and we also print Glassware (Coffee mugs & Glasses).
I have 27 years experience in the screenprint and promotional product industry so hopefully with a bit of my knowledge can help a few people with their problems. You can view some of our products on: www.antechprinting.com.au. (which needs updating):rolleyes:
We would be quite willing to offer good rates to on sellers if required..and happy to supply quotes for printing if needed.:)

Thank You
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just wanted to say hello to everyone, im here to find info on a vinyl cutter before i commit to one, i hope to gain valuable info from everyone here...thanx in advance
Hi, i have used a few cutters and have found ROLAND to be the best by far, (my opinion) are you situated in AUS? i can reccommend a supplier for you?
im located in so cal usa...if you know of anyone out here i would appreciate the help
Sorry don't know anyone, but if you google Roland cutters you should be able to find Dealers near you?
Try www.rolanddga.com

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