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HF-T3W Industrial Direct to Garment Printer[/URL][/I]
Sorry if this is wrong place to put it.

T3 DTG Printer::)

With 3 printing platens for industrial garment printing.
White and CMYK printed at one pass and higher efficiency of dark garment printing.
Printhead: Epson TFP Printhead, 10*360 nozzle, VSDT
Colors: Model A: CMYK+ 6* white channels ( Dark Garment)
Model B: C*3+M*3+Y*2+K*2 (faster speed for light garment)
Speed: 5 minutes / 3pieces ( light garment )
10 minutes / 3pieces ( Dark garment )

Learn more, please contact our website: www.huafeidtg.com


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