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Heya all from europe

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Just wanted to drop a quick hello since I was asked so nicely... As you can tell I am a newcomer so I guess we will see more of each other in the future... So far so good, great stuff to read about on this site and congrads to the people who made it happen! As of now, I am looking into the "heat press" topic so see some of you there... cheers to all! :)
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btw, does anyone know is the EPSON Stylus D88 the model that replaced the c88? or is there a difference between american and european models? i see there is a d68 and a d88 but dont know the difference... (i am in europe btw)
hum... dont know about that.

If it was an 86'r I would worrie. :) LOL

Whats an 86'r ?

I was born in NY and my Grandfather has told me more than a few stories about Chumley's Bar. During proabition, Chumley's had several
: secret hide-a-ways and secret exits including one to an alley off 86th street. This was a quick exit if they were raided. Hence the term "eighty six the joint

-----------from a google resource of terms etc...
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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